favorite books by women according to angethology

5 of my favorite books by women

From mystical hallways, to revolutionaries toppling institutions, to a witty cat navigating its life, literature is rich with diverse experiences, perspectives and narratives from women. In honor of Women’s History Month in March, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite books by women from the past couple of years in various genres.

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a list of top lgbtq films and tv shows by angethology

Favorite LGBTQ+ Films and TV Shows

Films and TV shows with LGBTQ+ representation are thankfully becoming better and better—in the past decade, we’ve had films where queer people are no longer just the sidekick, propped up to provide comic relief, or are merely there as a token. Of course, stereotypes will still be present in some films today, but there are now more diverse LGBTQ+ experiences and stories in cinema than ever before.

In honor of Pride Month, I’m sharing a list of my personal top LGBTQ+ films and TV shows of the past decade:

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