They/Them (2022) slasher fails to live up to its title – Review

“This is a safe space .. for everyone.”

When an LGBTQ+ conversion camp adopts a so-called “kill ’em with kindness” viewpoint, how far will they really go?

If there’s one thing I love, it’s punny titles. So when I heard that there’s a brand new queer slasher called “they slash them,” I had very high expectations and hoped that the film would be as clever as the title. Directed and written by John Logan, the film specifically focuses on a group of queer kids sent to conversion camp, where they’re supposed to find the “root cause” of their identities and analyze them. Queer representation often exists in a more subtle context in horror, and while it’s getting more overt with the current times, it is still rare to see the LGBTQ+ community take roles as the surviving main characters or heroes.

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The Black Phone (2022) Review – Should You Pick It Up?

Scott Derrickson once again dives back into the horror sphere, this time adapting Joe Hill’s short story, “The Black Phone.” Combining Ethan Hawke’s terrific performance along with the supernatural elements, the adaptation induces goosebumps reminiscent of ’70s horror movies.

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Incantation (2022) Review – A Chilling and Innovative Mockumentary

Found footage horror movies can be hard to execute well—but director Kevin Ko delivers Incantation as an intriguing mockumentary, inviting the audience to go on a horrifying journey inundated with curses.

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Favorite LGBTQ+ Films and TV Shows

Films and TV shows with LGBTQ+ representation are thankfully becoming better and better—in the past decade, we’ve had films where queer people are no longer just the sidekick, propped up to provide comic relief, or are merely there as a token. Of course, stereotypes will still be present in some films today, but there are now more diverse LGBTQ+ experiences and stories in cinema than ever before.

In honor of Pride Month, I’m sharing a list of my personal top LGBTQ+ films and TV shows of the past decade:

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Upstream Color (2013) – Review

What if your thoughts intersected with someone else’sand your identity and sense of reality become completely warped? Similar to his debut film Primer, Shane Carruth heavily focuses on identity using slow, layered, unique and intricate scenes that convey one’s humanity in Upstream Color.

A pretty experimental film that makes your head scratch at times, this is the type of subgenre that truly captures a person’s subconscious in a nonlinear way. The premise can be described as “basic” in the sense that it’s simply about a parasite affecting people’s mind, but it’s more so metaphorical than plot-driven.

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X (2022) – Review

Paying homage to classic slashers such as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, recent A24 film X delivers a few modern tropes in combination with a 70s atmosphere that many horror fans are nostalgic about—with a more risqué premise.

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Antlers (2021) – Review

Directed by Scott Cooper and produced by Guillermo del Toro, Antlers delves into supernatural folklore horror and a tale of trauma, grief and horror taking place in a small Oregon town.

An adaptation of Nick Antosca’s short story “The Quiet Boy”, the film incorporates a variety of elements that are in many contemporary horror films. The trauma and bad family dynamics are conspicuous since the beginning, following a community where poverty and neglect are rampant. The film opens with a spine-chilling quote, letting the audience a glimpse of the malovelent spirit at hand:

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Fresh (2022) – Review

We hear horror stories about modern dating all the time – they’re nothing new, unfortunately. Fresh, however, takes this on a whole new level,- and this is much more horrifying than your average scary “getting kidnapped by your Tinder date” scenario.

Mimi Cave’s new horror film Fresh has a modern and darkly humorous take on dating. We’ve seen and heard some embarrassing stories from our friends, from matches online not being who they really are in real life, to more extreme incidents as seen in Netflix’s Tinder Swindler. Dating can’t get any crazier than that…right?

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