About the blog

Hi everyone, I’m Angela (or Ange)!

Welcome to my space for ranting and raving about various books and movies. I am a Literary Studies graduate and my reading activities extend beyond education purposes, so I thought this blog would be the perfect outlet where I can combine writing, literature, and cinema. Besides this, I also love beauty, cats and puns (hence my blog name).

I’m open to a multitude of genres—but horror and the macabre have a special place in my heart. Despite horror being fairly popular in mainstream media, I think it’s still often categorized as an unserious genre that has the primary purpose of scaring people out of their wits or making their jaws drop out of unadulterated disgust. And while some films certainly focus on that, horror has a long history of addressing taboos, transgressions, and societal issues that are reflective of a specific time period, which I find fascinating.

Whether it’s psychological, supernatural, gothic, or simply silly camp horror, I like to lend a critical eye to analyzing films and books while drawing out the most captivating aspects of them. Other genres that I’m partial to include science fiction, dark academia, translated fiction and I do have a penchant for linguistics.

I hope you enjoy my blog, and feel free to follow my socials below!